Impact Report 2016

St Theresa’s Hospital -Chirumhanzu

WakaWaka Lights:
•    Our apologies for lately updating you on the WakaWaka lights. The WakaWaka lights have brought joy to the lives of the beneficiaries. School pupils now have a cheaper and efficient source of light and a clean source of power to charge phones to the other vulnerable members of the society. The primary beneficiaries i.e school pupils are now finding it easy to study at night with the use of such smart lights.
•    More so, the whole country oftenly experience power cuts as our local power stations are operating below capacity. So such products like WakaWaka lights are unique and in high demand as a source of light and alternative power source to charge phones and other smart devices. In light of this, we would wish to start an income generating venture for the department. Would wish to sell these useful products in our catchment area and even beyond.  

Dry Climate:
•    The Elnino induced drought has severely affected life around St Theresa’s Hospital. The drought has affected many families around especially our clients, with specific mention of full orphans and those on ART treatment. We are also failing to produce enough from our gardens to support those in need because of the same reason since our main water-supplying dam is almost dry. So we kindly ask for your assistance in any way possible.
•    Recovery of those on treatment and the lives of full orphans has been hampered by this drought situation. Because of malnutrition its now easier for opportunistic infections to disturb smooth recovery of our clients.