Project 10: Awaretrust


In the beginning of May, In2Afrika will reach the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. In Harare we will

visit an animal welfare organization called the Aware Trust. The mission of AWARE-trust is to proactively continue to protect the welfare of wild animals and their habitats, in particular through the preservation of veterinary, and growing the awareness of the animal health and environmental threats to wildlife species and their habitat. AWARE trust was set up when the managers in 2004 had much difficulty raising funds for a former project. There was a need for a local organization supported by donors who would be able to facilitate projects such as these and finance them as well.

With this in mind, the Animal and Wildlife Area Research Trust was registered by a local lawyer, and AWARE-trust was born. The AWARE team consists of people born, raised and / or in Zimbabwe trained veterinarians with a passion for wildlife. AWARE trust focuses on a number of specific resources:


  • Rehabilitation of sick and injured animals, especially when sick or injured by the hand of man

  • Preventive actions for pets

  • Research

  • Education: to create AWAREness by teaching and education the rural population

  • Capacity building: to continue building their team of skilled physicians and staff, for better and faster coping with various wild-life situations



In2Afrika will portray the work of Aware for our followers, by actively turning it several days with the organization in Harare.


Please also check Awaretrust's website: www.

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Report of our visit to Awaretrust.

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