Project 1: Humanity Helping Sudan


Mayang Reath Kher’s life story is impressive. As a young men he had to escape the civil war in South-Sudan. As one of the few, with no home left to go to, he got the chance to go to college in the United States. But Mayang never forgot where he came from. With HumanityHelpingSudan he supports his ‘Lost Boys’, the boys (and girls) that lost everything in the civil war. In the refugee-camps just across the border with Ethiopia, he tries to create a future for these young people, by providing them with education and skills to build their lives and their community.

We will travel to Gambela, Ethiopia, right across the border with South-Sudan, to see the work that Mayang does in the refugee-camps. 

Interview Mawut, Tet en Tut

Here we will post an interview with the people of the Humanity Helping Sudan project.


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