Project 2: Waste Pickers Alliance Uganda


WPA is an organisation that is committed to the interests of the wasteworkers of Uganda. The organisation aims not only at better workingconditions for wasteworkers, but also tries to eliminate the taboos that rest on the profession of wasteworker in Uganda. Besides this, WPA gives labor-training to its employees so that they are able to negotiate a better price for their waste, and therefore to enable them to make an independent living. This is important, because wasteworkers are often exploited, unable to make a good living of their jobs, and therefore have to get into criminal activities or prostitution. We want to show you the work the WPA does in Uganda’s capital Kampala, and support where possible. 

Interviews WPA

Here we will post one or more interviews with the people from Pickers Alliance Uganda.

Report WPA

A report on our visit to the Waste Pickers Alliance Uganda.

Here we will upload picture’s and video’s of the project onsight.