Project 3: Lunch voor een Kind


In 2013 Milou van Mulken, just like Vincent student of the Outreaching Honors Program, started her project on Bussi Island from scratch. Bussi Island is a small Island without electricity in the Victorialake, near the coast of Uganda. Bussi Memere Primary school, the local Primary School, urgently needed help. Malnutrition is a problem, since there are no funds to feed the children at school during the day. Supplying the school with school-meals would improve the development and education of the kids in the school, and moreover would be an encouragement for the parents to send their kids to school! Milou took this as her job, and set up an agricultural system on the island to supply the primary school with food for the kids. Besides school meals, the project now also focusses on other challenges on the island, like the quality of the education. Within the Outreaching Honors Program we want to set up a project to support Milou’s foundation to reach its goals for the kids of Bussi Island! Check out the website here:

Interviews Lunch for a child

Here we will post one or more interviews with the people from Lunch for a Child.

Report Lunch for a child

Here we will post the report of our visit to Lunch for a Child.

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