Project 6: World of Weaving


The mission of World of Weaving is to improve the economic, cultural and social well-being of Tanzanian women by giving them training in textile-designing and –producing, and helping them to put their products on the market. They work from a central point in Dasr es Salaam, where knowledge and expertise is getting shared. This is where international designers and representatives of various ‘weaving communities' come together to create new designs and collections.


The weavers who come here spread this knowledge and ideas further to their different communities, where the production begins. WOW then also works with different groups of weavers to modernize and by diversifying to generate more sales for their collection, with a sustainable income for the weavers as a result. Every WOW-product is hand woven and made from 100% Tanzanian cotton. As WOW puts this itself: ‘The women take great pride in their profession and by purchasing their products you support the weaver who made it, her family and her wider community.’


In2Afrika is going to try to support World of Weaving by creating extra publicity for the WOW project and possibly by setting up a connection with Dutch weaving-organizations, for a more permanent exchange of knowledge and expertise! A targeted donation might also make a different for the Weavers. We will reach Dar es Salaam and WOW mid-April!

Interviews World of Weaving

Interview with Grace, production manager for World of Weaving.


Report of our visit to World of Weaving.

Here we will upload picture’s and video’s of the WOW and its work on the spot!