Project 7: Sishemo Foundation


Sishemo is a non-profit organization based in Lusaka, whose main objective is to support people so they can maximize their potential in all facets of life. Despite the focus on young children, Sishemo is also committed to young adults and adult men and women. Drive and passion is influencing both people and systems, based on the propagation of a values and lifestyle. Sishemo implements this clear by means of three key activities which constitute the operational end of the institution:





In Sishemo’s own words: ‘Through education, our aim is to raise relevant 21st century leaders. Whit health we seek to create health awareness and good seeking health practices. The agriculture prong seeks to promote sustainable agricultural methods.’


Sishemo Foundation was established in 1997 with the view to help people reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives. The primary objective for its formation was to contribute to national efforts and strategies aimed at mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS on people affected and infected by the pandemic. Sishemo therefore seeks to create empowered communities through strategic implementation, apart from economic empowerment for youth and women;


Sishemo’s main thrust is provision of values based education to children from different back grounds especially orphans and vulnerable children, mostly from Misisi, Chawama and Kuku low income settlement areas.

This is done at NorthGate Academy which is a wing of Sishemo Foundation; as well as other government schools located in different parts of the country in which case the foundation raises funds for bursaries for the children. They are also providing oversight to Arteco Orphanage in Central province, about 170 Kms from Lusaka, that houses over 300 displaced orphans.


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