Project 9: Source Connection


Source Connection is a Dutch initiative that is working alongside the local Zambian population towards a better future. ‘Knowledge is the key to a better future’, had therefore been their motto for more than 10 years. In the autumn of 2012, Source Connection started a new project called Agriculture and Food Security in Zambia. Together with local partner Farming God's Way they give training to the Zambian locals about agriculture in the area east of Livingstone, close to the Zambezi River. At present there is nothing to gain from the agriculture. The yields are so low that they also depend on food aid from the government.



Source Connection wants to change this by deploying smart farming techniques in the coming years. On the one hand the people will be able to provide for their own food and in addition, they will be able to bring their surplus to local markets and engage in further life-maintains in this way.



In short, investing in agricultural training for local farmers through simple farming techniques leading to more efficient work and food is feasible. Moreover, a long term economic development is possible! In2Afrika will act as a reporter on location for Source Connection. With our physical presence in the projects we support Source Connection, by mapping the state of affairs at the end of the harvest season (mid-May). This will mainly be done by photographing and filming the agricultural projects and interviewing the locals. With this information and images, Source Connection can proceed in its development in this area.


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