Project 12: Green Dessert Farm


Africa is a very diverse continent, among others in its diverse natural beauty. Next to the enormous green area’s in central Africa the continent for a considerable part is covered by dessert. In these area’s food supply is a difficult issue, since growing crops and keeping livestock is complicated because of the drought. This problem is relevant for the inhabitants in the Minya-region in central Egypt.


A couple years ago agricultural engineer Zkareya Ezz Labib started GDAD (Green Dessert Association for Development). Labib’s goal is to develop his town Nag’Eddek and the surrounding region on the basis of agricultural development.


Via the Teje Foundation from the Netherlands, a foundation that supports multiple projects in Egypt, we came across this project. The GDAD’s main goals are:


  • general development of the towns in the region;

  • increase of environmental awareness;

  • usage of modern agricultural techniques based on biological agriculture;

  • rationalization of waterusage.


The GDAD mainly tries to develop the local community. Under the inspiring leadership of Zkareya and with the help of multiple volunteers, multiple projects are started in the Abu Qurcas area in Minia.


The projects of GDAD are a success, but because of the unrests in Egypt and the economic downturn that these unrests caused the projects came under financial pressure. The Teje Foundation has decided to support the GDAD once more and In2Afrika is going to contribute to this support!





The report

Here the report on our experiences at the project

Interviews Green Dessert Farm

Here we will post one or more interviews with the people of GDAD


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