Project 8: GCMF


The "Geef de kinderen van Mpongwe een toekomst/Give the Children of Mpongwe a Future"- foundation (GCMF) is a Dutch initiative from Ton Korsten-Korenromp, who lives in Jabeek (Zuid-Limburg). The GCMF-foundation has its focus especially on women, young people and vulnerable (orphan) children in the Mpongwe-District in Zambia. This is a rural district, dominated by the numerous mines in the area. The population consists mostly of small farmers who grow corn. Through the production of charcoal, fishing and the sale of home grown fruit and vegetables, people try to supply their livelihood.

In the Mpongwe-district, GCMF attempts to provide a community-wide support, with a focus on small children. They do this by establishing and supporting various projects. GCMF;


  • Ensure that some 100 (orphaned) children can go to school and builds community schools in remote villages;

  • Builds education-homes through which teachers can come to remote schools, and therefore children are taught by well-trained teachers;

  • Installing water pumps in rural villages, building latrines in schools;

  • Builds all kinds of supporting skills centers and 'income-generating projects’ for the local population;

  • And do much, much more



As the facilities in the district have already strongly improved in recent years, for the future, in the short or long term foundation GCMF therefore will focus on projects that ensure that the population of the Mpongwe district can be self-sufficient. In2Afrika will visit Mpongwe district and the different projects of GCMF at the end of April and will picture all this for you trough photo, video and story.


Also check out the website of GCMF:

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Interviews with employees and board members of GCMF

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Report of our visit to GCMF in Mpongwe

Here we will upload picture’s and video’s of GCMF on the spot!